The key themes of this time of year are balance- due to the equal length of day and night, but also blossoming and the dawning of a joyful time of new life.

Goddess Eostre is the goddess of Spring but also the dawn of the fertile season in farming. Her symbols are the egg- meaning new life/ birth but also the hare which eventually gave rise to the Easter Bunny.

Now the days are getting longer, you may begin to feel more productive with more of a zest for life and it may be time to bring these themes into our realm of experience.

The Spring Equinox is a time to bring balance back into our lives by considering if we give our time and energy the same amount as we receive in return. It could be a time to reinstate boundaries- as takers take too freely and will leave you depleted. Perhaps it’s time to put measures in place to prevent you from being drained? This could include turning off your phone after a certain time in the evening, to give you some breathing space or taking a look at your friends list- does everyone listed need to get an equal share of you, or would you prefer to see the ones who nourish your soul more than the others who diminish it? As this season suggests, it’s a balancing act, which once you get right will enable a more fruitful/ fertile life!

This fertile/ fruitful life can also be birthed into existence through accepting ourselves for who we are and self-belief. Belief keeps us strong when we’re exploring life’s many paths and detours. If strength can be cultivated from within, we can be anyone we want to be on our soul path and do anything we want to do, if it’s for our greatest good and progression.

Ways to cultivate self-belief

Surround yourself with your people- those who want you to succeed- your personal cheer squad if you will, those people who raise you up and make you feel on top of the world!

Notice how you feel- your body is the first indicator as to how you feel about something before your brain kicks in. Have you ever felt a tightness in your chest or a churning in your gut when you’re asked to do something which you don’t want to do? Then, your brain overrides this and a little internal voice starts persuading you? If we make a habit of overriding our inner voice in this way, we will begin to lose connection with ourselves and become more vulnerable to becoming used. If we choose to validate our feelings, then we’re giving ourselves permission to believe in ourselves.


Sally saw Angels as a child and could occasionally see and feel people who had passed over. This ability grew as she got older and she now gives readings, as well as channelling Ascended Masters. She often works with Mary Magdalene and channels information from Lord Kuthumi. She is available for readings and spiritual development sessions both online and in person (heaven2heart). 

Sally Hinchcliffe