Having SNiP’d their way through dozens of feral felines in the countryside and annoyingly near to homesteads, have turned their attention to fundraising. “We need to keep on the Spaying and Neutering path. It is the only way. Catching cats is one thing, but actually getting them through the system costs money.” Lots. “We have now got a couple of canine problems.” Really? “Someone took a pair of dogs across the border and the female took off, unfortunately she was not spayed. The owner probably didn’t realise she was coming on heat.” Woops. “So many dogs do try and make it back across huge expanses of fields and motorways. I just hope she will be safe!” Jenny Clarke, President, has just left a neighbour with nine puppies. “They didn’t realise that the female was ready for mating. Another woops. “We try and educate people into having their pets SNiP’d as early as possible. It avoids tragic decisions and with animals, especially females, cancer can become an issue.” Please Think dog. Not human.

Their busy calendar is ahead! APAA’s Stall at Convent’bio Lagoa, Friday 5th April. 11-4pm. Ever popular Small businesses and crafts fair. 12-4pm. Restaurant open. 20th April Joki/Reikie treatments and demonstrations Holistic Health Day in Edifiçio Pluma Portimão. 10€ Vegan refreshments. Call Paul (+351) 910 665 601. Funds were donated to APAA and Portimão Soup Kitchen. APAA’s Fun ‘Quiz Lunch’ and Raffle, At the ever-popular VIMAR Grill, Carvoeiro 23rd April 12.30 for 1.00 Choice of tasty Roast Pork or Grilled Dourada. Couverts, veg soup, desserts, drinks, etc. 22€ Members 24€ Non* Watch out! 6th May Pop-Up Shop ‘O Tasco’, 19th May Anita’s Mad Hatter’s Buffet Lunch Special Plants on sale Garden Party. 24 May Pop-Up classics on sale at Manu’s (Pescadora) Figueira. More details to follow for the May events and ‘Pop-Up’ shops.

Unable to make a ‘Pop-Up’ or event? Visit Charity Shops in Alvor and Silves. Always bursting with goodies, ornaments, duvets, rugs, and larger household items. Friendly staff is always on site to chat and help Not forgetting Jenny’s jams, preserves, and marmalades with new yummy recipes and Jackie’s cookies too! If you want any information on what’s in stock or looking for something specific email Jenny.

All funds raised by APAA help to look after and feed cat colonies and abandoned often injured animals. If you think you can help contact Jenny. See Contacts below. APAA’s motto ‘Here to Help’. “We always need cat food donations.” Jenny has packed her white van and waves goodbye on her way to another delivery.

*Book with Jenny (+351) 919 041 903 Ask about the vegetarian option. Or events.apaaportugal@gmail.com General Jenny: info.apaaportugal@gmail.com Cat Colonies: zelia.santos@live.co.uk