Oculoplastic surgery refers to procedures on the upper two-thirds of the face, correcting functional disorders as well as improving aesthetic appearance and asymmetry that may affect this area.

This highly specialised subspecialty offers surgical treatment for eyelids and eyebrow conditions, watering eyes, eye socket reconstruction (including prosthesis implant), eyelid and periocular tumors, orbital diseases, and conditions affecting the entire area around the eyes - from the cheek to the forehead.

Although the oculoplastic subspecialty has its own representative professional bodies all over the world, there aren’t many expert professionals trained in this area, hence few patients have access to those professionals. Dr. Murta is one of the few specialists in this field and is now practicing at HPA in the Algarve.

On the functional spectrum of the subspecialty, Dr. Murta addresses conditions such as eyelid asymmetry and malpositions. The drooping eyelid, named ptosis, can happen with aging, in long-term contact lens wearers, in congenital disorders in children, or in some other rare clinical conditions. The specialist also treats other eyelid malpositions such as inwards and outwards turning of the lower eyelids, medically known as entropion and ectropion, respectively. These conditions can occur with aging and are very troublesome due to exposure of the eye ball, which can lead to permanent vision impairment if not surgically addressed.

Among other eyelid conditions, this specialty also treats lumps, bumps, and tumors on the eyelids and periocular area via surgical excision of the tumor combined with reconstruction of the eyelids. Some of these cases can be very complex surgeries that involve flaps and/or grafts from local tissue.

She treats eyelid injuries in the acute or later phase, restoring their anatomy, and addresses watering eyes due to tear drainage impairment in adults and children via endonasal or external methods. She also treats involuntary eyelid twitches (blepharospasm and hemifacial spasms) and clinically and surgically treats styes, blepharitis, and dry eyes.

On the spectrum of periocular aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Murta not only addresses hooding and excessive skin of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid sagging, and eyelid bags but also offers eyebrow and cheek lifts. These procedures are not only limited to improving the tired, sad, and withdrawn facial appearance but also benefit in reducing symptoms such as vision tiredness, headaches due to the constant attempt to keep the eyes open, eye irritation, and loss of visual field. Loss or reduction in the visual field is particularly debilitating as it reduces a patient’s independence in performing their routine chores and confidence in driving. Overall, these surgeries enhance a patient’s quality of life, which must not be underestimated.

Dr. Fabiola Murta’s passion for the specialty led her to dedicate a long period of training in oculoplastic surgery, notably at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. Now, she has joined the HPA, bringing her expert skills to the team of eye surgeons based at Instituto HPA.

For more information please contact HPA Grupo Saude on (+351) 282 420 400.