Bella Acapella went to Spain and won the Gold Medal at the convent held by the Barbershop Iberia Association in Calpe.

After seven months of working almost exclusively on our two competition songs, focusing on all the details, making the chords beautiful, and blending our voices in harmony, we won the Gold Medal in the Iberian category and we were ranked first in singing.

We were all seated together, among the audience, waiting for the result.

When we heard: “For the Gold Medal, coming from Portugal, the winner is Bella Acapella!”

It was such a burst of joy and excitement!

We are so proud and thrilled to have achieved this together.

Along our laborious path to this victory, we were coached by Paul Davies and Stuart Sides, we owe them so much!

On our weekly journey to this outcome, we were led by our beloved and energetic musical director, Rob Does, and our amazing section leaders, without whom nothing would have happened.