“Dalí Cybernetics” is the largest immersive exhibition in the world dedicated to the Catalan artist and the only developed exhibition with the support of the Gala – Salvador Dalí Foundation. This astonishing digital journey through the world of Salvador Dalí, will continue to challenge visitors' perception until the 1st of September at Immersivus Gallery Lisboa, located at the Water Museum – Mãe D'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir.

Carefully developed over two and a half years by a team led by Catalan creative studio in close collaboration with the Dalí Foundation's Center for Dalinian Studies. "Dalí Cybernetics" is an immersive and interactive experience that invites you to take a new look at Dalí’s work and his visionary mind, in a journey that crosses art, science and technology to make known not only central elements of Dalinian iconography, but also previously unknown perspectives as well as his artistic legacy.

Between large-format projections, interactive and collaborative installations, holograms and virtual reality, visitors of all ages can experience Dalí, who was considered the "first digital artist in history", and experience, for example, an exhibition space that allows you to explore Dalí's relationship with science and technology, working with digital art, cybernetics and the third and fourth dimensions, and a stunning 30-minute fully immersive journey through his life and work. Since its debut in November 2023, The exhibition has already been visited by more than 40 thousand people.

In addition to "Dalí Cybernetics", "Living Van Gogh", the first exhibition truly dedicated to the Dutch painter in Portugal, will also be extended.

“Living Van Gogh”

"Living Van Gogh": the multisensory journey through Vincent Van Gogh's universe will remain on display at Immersivus Gallery Porto, located in Alfândega do Porto, until 1 September.

"Living van Gogh", a touching immersive and interactive experience that immerses itself in the heart of the most famous works and allows visitors to "enter" the skin of Vincent, seeing the world through his eyes.

Signed by Italian visual artist Massimiliano Siccard, "Immersive Van Gogh" arrived in 2023 in the city of Porto, exclusively at Immersivus Gallery, after receiving more than 5 million visitors in North America, where it sold out in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Through this experience, the audience enters Van Gogh's inner universe through a set of interactive and immersive installations developed by the OCUBO studio, such as the Symphony of the Sunflowers, among many others.

According to Edoardo Canessa, Executive Producer of Immersivus Gallery, "both exhibitions have made it possible to divulge, in an innovative and in proximity, the universe of two great masters of their craft to a wider audience, through a careful combination of their artistic legacy with new technologies, in two emblematic places in the cities of Porto and Lisbon.

By putting the public in touch with the genius of both works and their artistic careers, in this very engaging way, we believe that not only Van Gogh and Dalí aficionados will come out of these experiences strongly impacted, but will even more people be deeply touched by their sensitivity and brilliance."

"Dalí Cybernetics" is on display at Immersivus Gallery Lisbon, from Tuesday to Friday between at 3:30 pm and 7 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm, with tickets available from €8.50.

"Living Van Gogh," is on display at the Immersivus Gallery Porto, from Tuesday to Sunday, with sessions from 2 pm to 4:30 pm, and tickets from 10€. Tickets for both exhibitions can be purchased through the platform www.portugalagenda.com or at the local ticket offices.