There are hundreds of beaches spread across Portugal and defining which is the “most picturesque in the country” involves some subjectivity.

However, according to Postal newspaper, there is an Algarve beach that has been called "the most picturesque in the country" since the last century.

It is one of the most famous sandy areas in Portimão, it is more than a kilometer long and the palaces that once surrounded the space have been transformed into large buildings that are divided between hotels and apartments.

Praia da Rocha was the first in the region to turn to mass tourism. While the calm waters in the central area of ​​the beach satisfy those who prefer to swim with greater tranquility and safety, the small waves that form offer surfing enthusiasts the possibility of practicing the sport.

Known as the “most picturesque beach in the country”, according to Notícias Magazine, Postal cites that this is often compared to Miami Beach because of the hotel and apartment towers from the 80s and 90s that are nearby. It is not only during the day that Praia da Rocha receives many tourists... at night many people come to the bars and restaurants, which stretch along the beach.

It should be noted that this beach has been the site of international beach football tournaments several times, a sport that also takes many fans to the Algarve.

Postal also adds that, if the weather doesn't invite swimming during your visit to Portimão, you can always take the opportunity to go up to the Miradouro dos Três Castelos, where you'll have the opportunity to see and photograph Praia da Rocha from a different angle.