“Portugal is the fifth country in the world most dissatisfied with social remuneration”, reads a statement from Intercampus. Even so, 64% of Portuguese respondents say they are satisfied with their work. In particular, with regard to salary, 45% said they were dissatisfied and 39% satisfied.

Globally, 65% of workers are satisfied with their jobs and 47% agree with their payments. According to this analysis, the people most satisfied with their work are in Europe, the USA, Western Asia, and Latin America.

“The country in the world most unhappy with its employment situation is Kenya (59%), followed by Nigeria (36%)”, he indicated. The indicators that weigh most heavily on these responses are income and education.

The survey also concluded that artificial intelligence raises concerns (38%) worldwide. More than 20% of respondents do not feel sufficiently informed to assess the effects of artificial intelligence on humanity.

“Young people are the most optimistic and see the most opportunities in artificial intelligence, as well as those questioned with more qualifications, while older and less educated generations are more concerned”, he detailed.

To carry out this analysis, 46,138 people were interviewed in 45 countries. In each country, the sample was 1,000 people.

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