For many people, they felt intensity, karma, or emotional baggage simply fall away to leave them much lighter, clearer, and more positive. We actually changed our future trajectory from that point as humanity.

Don’t worry if you didn’t feel that yet as we are all on our individual journeys, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We will each experience this when the time is right for us.

We will have another energy shift because the planet Jupiter changes sign on May 25th, as it entered Gemini, and will stay there for the next 12 months. This will be particularly beneficial if you have any planets in Gemini, for instance, your Sun. For everyone, go back to June 2012 to June 2013 and see what was expanding in your life then. Depending on where the sign Gemini falls in your chart, you may have felt the expansion in your work life, or you experienced a lot of personal growth then, or travelled perhaps. . .but whatever happened then will tend to echo, a similar experience repeating again over these next 12 months for you. It is generally very positive.

Solar cycle

You may be aware that our Sun is much more active as we’re at the peak of Solar Cycle 25. Over recent weeks you may have felt much more tired, or it was harder to sleep as you felt very wired, or you may have had ear ringing or unusual aches and pains. This is because we have had some very intense solar flares and our physical bodies are having to assimilate these, and we are just not used to them. However, rest assured that these are powerful ingredients for our evolution to move us to the next level as humanity, so try to welcome them rather than be concerned about them.

Over the next year, you may find that there is an increase in information coming to you, lots of facts, and truths, social media seems to be exploding, and it will be very easy to feel mentally overwhelmed and scattered. So it’s important to be in nature, with bare feet on the Earth, or meditate, or do some simple breathwork such as closing your eyes and just watching your breath. It should start to slow and deepen in a few minutes. Try to do this several times a day if you can, and notice how it changes your state. You simply drop into stillness. This will be a wonderful easy free antidote to any overwhelm you may feel.

You’ll also start to notice an exponential increase in AI in our lives. It is fascinating to me that Google’s latest AI device is called Gemini! It offers massive (a word associated with Jupiter) data processing (associated with Gemini). It is a literal example of what is happening astrologically. Virtual reality devices will become commonplace.


You’ll generally find that life seems to be speeding up versus your past experience. This is for many astrological reasons, which is why it’s important to find times of stillness in your day, and you can find mental peace.

Gemini is also the sign linked to choice. Rather than drifting through your day thinking ‘I have to get up, I have to walk the dog’ etc, try saying ‘I choose to get up, I choose to walk the dog’... This will take you from a feeling that your day is running you, to being more in charge of your schedule. In general, try to be much more conscious of your choices.

The astrology is pointing to a major choice for humanity right now. There is a ‘fork in the road’ if you like. One road is much more technological and involved with AI, perhaps even using microchips to enhance intelligence and health, and the other road is more natural and organic. It would be very easy to simply drift into the first road without much thinking simply because this new technology makes life easier and more convenient. Again, I would encourage you to think consciously and strategically; think long-term, like a chess player, as to which road you truly want to be on for your future.

We are actually entering a time of transformation for humanity with these choices. Our world will change out of all recognition over the next decade. There will be many amazing inventions and solutions for what seem to be intractable problems, which will be very exciting. So rather than any fear of where the world is headed, feel excited. Humanity is on a fast track of evolution, and soon we will all start to feel more psychically sensitive, more telepathic, and more tuned into nature, you may feel you want to eat less or more plant-based food. You may want to connect to nature more and have times of quiet. This is a truly exciting time to be alive, and we are all here as co-creators of our future, so choose wisely.

Blessings to you all.


Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for over 45 years, and runs a very busy astrology practice. She has a popular YouTube channel with updates and interviews, is the author of two best-selling books, You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? and How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. Pam offers several teaching videos available from her website: and also writes a long monthly newsletter.

She is no longer doing client work as she is focused on helping the collective through this huge spiritual transformation. As well as YouTube you’ll find her on Unifyd, MeWe and Facebook with regular astrology updates.’

Pam Gregory