It’s time to start prepping your space for when the sun sizzles.

Here, experts share their top summer home hacks to put you on the front foot…

1. Keeping your home cool

The warm weather is great but what do you do if you don’t have air conditioning?

“When summer comes around, I think we all know from experience that it is important to be prepared,” says Sam Greig, senior designer at Swoon.

“Firstly, for a great night’s sleep, consider your bed linen. Heavy synthetic materials are almost guaranteed to create a clammy atmosphere when the temperature begins to rise; so switch your summer sheets to a cotton alternative.”

As he points out, cotton is great at wicking moisture and will therefore help you stay cooler during the night. “Opt for the highest thread-count fabric you can, as the higher the count, the smoother the experience.”

Your duvet and mattress also have a massive impact on your temperature whilst sleeping, highlights Greig. “During warmer months, opt for a lower tog duvet, meaning it will be lighter on your body and will allow more airflow.”

When it comes to sleeping soundly, Greig also suggests choosing a mattress topper which is adequate for the weather. “A cooling gel topper is a great option for a full night’s rest – no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you.”

Additionally, Alison MacLean, who designs show homes at St. Modwen Homes, says: “Most newer build homes are extremely energy efficient, meaning they’re well insulated and keep the heat in during the winter.

“During the summer, to keep the temperature regulated, it’s a great idea to keep exterior windows and blinds closed – as this is where most of the home’s heat is drawn from.”

Additionally, she says keeping your interior doors open will help keep a flow of cool air circulating – keeping warm air out, and cool air inside.

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2. Keeping bugs out

On hotter days in particular, insects love to get into our homes, seeking shade from the blazing sun. Although some have good intentions, most of us would prefer to keep them at bay…

“Firstly, there are some simple and easy changes you can make to ensure they aren’t drawn indoors,” notes MacLean.

“For example, leaving pet food uncovered on the floor, or crumbs on your kitchen counters can act as a magnet to attract bugs inside – ensure food in any form is kept covered and stored carefully.”

Another great tip is to invest in bug deterrents, such as window screens or citronella candles, suggests MacLean. “Screens are a cost-effective, easy-to-install method that will guarantee bugs stay out of your home.”

And citronella candles have been proven to deter flying insects. “Place them near exterior openings and let them work their magic,” she adds.

3. Protecting your outdoor furniture

When the hot weather hits, heading into your garden or patio space to soak up some sun is a joy… but it can take its toll on your outdoor furniture.

“You may think using furniture covers helps protect your furniture,” says Andrew White, outdoor expert at Harbour Lifestyle. “However, furniture covers can actually do more harm than good if the outdoor temperature is particularly high.

“Heat can get trapped under your furniture covers, damaging the cushion fabric and filling,” warns White. “So, when the balmy weather arrives, always be sure to remove your cover and store it away for the next rainy day.”

He says a question they often get asked is how to protect wooden furniture, such as dining tables and deck chairs. “Hot weather and direct strong sunlight can sometimes cause natural cracks and discolouration.”

“So, if you’re looking to protect your hardwood outdoor furniture, I recommend treating it with a product.”

Simply use a cleaning solution to prep your wood, advises White, and then apply your wood protector product as instructed by the manufacturer.

“This will ensure your wood retains its colour, reduces cracks and becomes water resistant.”