This week, we’re discussing retention - keeping our guests intrigued even after booking or returning from their holiday is an important step in the marketing strategy. Customer retention is vital for a villa rental company as it ensures a steady stream of repeat business. Retaining satisfied customers helps build a strong reputation, fosters trust and creates credibility in the highly competitive rental market.

Email marketing remains a strong channel

With the meteoric rise of social media, many people believed this to take over as the main tool for customer acquisition and retention. However, most people who are online will have an email address but will not necessarily create social media profiles.

Regular email marketing helps retain returning guests by keeping them engaged and informed about special offers, property updates and new things to do in the Algarve. These personalised emails also serve as reminders of the fond family memories previously created, encouraging guests to relive those experiences by booking again. Nothing is more powerful than this.

To achieve this, villa owners should be confident in highlighting the key features of their villa - what makes it unique, how families can enjoy their time here and what they can do in the surrounding area. This mix of informative and emotional content is the perfect way to capture the imagination of your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Unique and enticing content

A great way to support digital marketing channels is to create a blog that encapsulates a range of key topics that give guests something new to be excited about. With returning guests, many of them will have made their memories and have specific places close to their hearts. So, you always need to offer something new to remind them that there is always more to discover.

To create an engaging blog, focus on providing valuable, relevant content that showcases local insights, travel tips, and personal stories that resonate with potential visitors. At SandyBlue, we also strive to show personality and let guests into our world. The more they know about the team and the people creating their dream holiday, the more likely they are to build trust. Getting the whole team involved in blog topics and sharing different viewpoints is a fantastic way to diversify content.

Keep your villa front and centre

Remember, your Algarve property needs to stand out to new and returning guests for maximum rental success. At SandyBlue, we consistently devise new ways to engage both audiences. We will be sharing more ‘How to’ secrets in our upcoming article series - stay tuned!

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