Toncoin Announces Travala Integration

Toncoin recently announced a new collaboration with As part of this integration, Toncoin holders can now access Travala’s services. These include using crypto to book over 2.2 million hotels in over 230 countries, over 600 airlines, and more than 410,000 events.

This integration significantly enhances Toncoin's utility, allowing investors to use their assets to book holidays. However, despite the long-term implications of this integration, Toncoin’s price has failed to react.

In the last 24 hours, Toncoin’s price decreased by 3%, falling below $7 to $6.89.

Ethereum Classic Halving Reduces Miner Profits

Ethereum Classic completed its third halving on May 21. This will decrease miner’s rewards by 20% from 2.56 ETC to 2.048 ETC. While the Ethereum Classic usually increases the token's value, the decrease in mining rewards could be detrimental to miners.

Given that Ethereum Classic’s price has fallen by 1.8% over the last month, miners with small profits could be forced to shut down. This will decrease Ethereum Classic’s decentralization, with only larger mining operations being able to make a profit.

Small miners and those with less efficient mining equipment are now at risk of shutting down, which could damage the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.

Why Analysts Are Choosing Rollblock Over Major Altcoins

Although not as established as the likes of Toncoin and Ethereum Classic, analysts believe that Rollblock could offer significantly higher returns in 2024. Rollblock is a disruptive GambleFi protocol that applies DeFi technology to the $450 billion casino industry.

According to experts, Rollblock could see returns of 720% during its presale, but these returns are just one of many opportunities.

Rollblock will introduce a blockchain-based casino with greater security and transparency than traditional online casinos. Here, players will have access to over 150 games, which they can play with more than 20 major cryptocurrencies. They can also generate a passive income by holding Rollblock’s RBLK token.

Token holders will earn a share in Rollblock’s daily revenue, with Rollblock sharing up to 30%. Rollblock will offer these rewards by using its daily revenue to buy RBLK from the open market. Half of the purchased RBLK will be used for rewards, which will be paid out weekly. The remaining half will be burned, creating token scarcity.

One feature that could dramatically increase payouts for holders is the introduction of sports betting. In the next few months, Rollblock will add sports betting to its casino, which is already live and has all required licensing. This is expected to further increase the platform's appeal and, therefore, the revenue it generates.

Investors looking to get involved with Rollblock can currently buy RBLK for $0.014 during stage three of its presale. Early investors are already up 40%, and analysts predict they could see massive 100x returns once Rollblock lists on major exchanges.

Win Rollblock Rewards During Its Presale

With a host of features including a revenue share ecosystem Rollblock has positioned itself as an excellent buy for shrewd investors. With that being said investors in the Rollblock presale are anticipating 700% gains once listed on a tier 1 exchange. Alongside this Rollblock has announced it will give away $20,000 worth of rewards during the upcoming European Football Championships, this act has helped attract widespread attention from a huge audience of those trying to win big. To get involved in Rollblock’sgiveaway, join the Rollblock Discord community and follow their page on Twitter (X).

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