Bespoke Architects, is an independent company founded in 2011 by British-born architect John Wilson. With its headquarters in the Algarve, the company specialises in innovative architectural projects and project management. After completing his bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom, John Wilson moved to Portugal at the young age of 23 with the ambition of expanding his knowledge in Architecture matters, “I never imagined I would build my own successful company, but it just grew naturally”, he revealed.

Extensive Experience

John Wilson worked at ‘Oceânico Developments’ while pursuing his master's degree in Architecture in Portugal, where he gained extensive expertise that helped him launch his own business. As he shared, "Being the head architect at the time and working for one of the largest developers in Portugal has taught me how to deal with diverse clients and also how to listen to people in order to achieve whatever they are looking for." At the time, John worked on major projects such as Amendoeira Golf Course, Belmar Spa & Beach Resort, and Estrela de Luz in Lagos.

Company Growth

Bespoke has grown on its reputation as a company that is "practical," "responsive," "imaginative," and "professional", as mentioned by previous clients. The success of Bespoke has turned them into one of the major architecture companies in the Algarve. Furthermore, John has clarified that the company intends to grow into other regions of Portugal and possibly overseas as well, adding that they have the organisational structure to accomplish this. "We have only been operating in the Carvoeiro area up to this point, but we hope to grow and expand."

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Currently, Bespoke's staff consists of seven architects, one project manager, one intern, and an admin. "We are very conceptual in our architecture, and we have a good structure here", John Wilson said. Bespoke’s services include architectural design which focuses on designing architectural solutions that complement the clients' needs and way of life; project management as the company has vast knowledge in dealing with different projects; and development as they design small to medium-sized tourist businesses with an emphasis on the rural tourism industry.

In order to build a home that is both visually pleasing to look at and pleasing to the client, John Wilson has explained that "we are probably juggling around a hundred different concepts when designing, as there are so many variations as lights, privacy, and noise." According to John, even though their company intends to grow to work in new areas as mentioned above, they don't see the value in adding new services to the ones they currently offer because they want to maintain the high calibre of service they have been known for this far: "We do a very professional job of what we do, and we want to keep the company's reputation and provide the best services to our clients."

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In the words of John Wilson, the first half of the year has gone well so far as they have excellent clients and are collaborating on some incredible projects which require a lot of project management. In response to a question regarding his aspirations for the future of the company, John said with joy “We are doing great at the moment, and I couldn't be happier and prouder than I am".

Bespoke continues to set itself apart with its high-quality, customised services offered by the most skilled, driven, and trained architects that make up his team. As Wilson shared, "I prefer to involve my clients in the projects and make it entertaining. People realise that if the procedure isn't enjoyable, it will be harder to provide what they are expecting”, adding, “Architects are kind of artists - if you like our things, we will develop something for you – and that remains Bespoke's primary goal, to fulfil our client's dreams”.