Located in a hidden spot, on the outskirts of the village of Odemira, surrounded by cork and olive trees you can find a cute tiny white house by the name of ‘Chocolates de Beatriz’, also known as the ‘Chocolate Factory’. The whole scenery seems to come out of a fairytale. Its uniqueness is enhanced by the distinct sitting spots spread around the environs of the house, each one of them featuring unique details and singular views.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

As soon as you step inside the tiny chocolate factory, you will be amazed by the variety of chocolate displayed in the vitrine. The smell of freshly-made chocolate is simply divine and hard to put into words, the cosy decoration stands out, and in the back, you can see the chocolate confectioner passionately creating every piece of chocolate in a business where the manual work still prevails.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

The chocolateries’ history

Beatriz, a chocolate lover from Bariloche in Argentina, fell in love with Portugal while on holiday and decided to move to the municipality of Odemira. Asked about how the idea of opening a chocolate factory came up she explained, “I have always been interested in creative things and I love chocolate, plus I came from a region where there is quite a big chocolate tradition, so I can say it was my inspiration”, Beatriz revealed.

Open since 2010, Beatriz shared that “I wanted a big change, and I wanted to have my own business and by coincidence, this house was for sale”. Admitting that she “bought this house already thinking it would be a chocolaterie”, she revealed it “ended up being a chocolaterie and a coffee shop at the same time”, as the customers were always asking for coffee and hot chocolate to complement the variety of chocolates offered. Taking into account that it is not always that easy for little businesses to survive in smaller regions, Beatriz has mentioned that the “Chocolates de Beatriz” project journey to this day “has been a very positive process”, in what started as “experiments at home, a small pan and a lot of patience”.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

The experience

The most challenging part of the experience of visiting the chocolaterie is definitely deciding between all the tasty options available. One of their best-sellers is a menu that includes hot/cold chocolate, tea, or French press coffee which come with three little classic assorted chocolates - a unique experience of flavours.

Beautifully displayed you can find a massive variety of chocolates: peanut butter, mint, raspberry, almond, orangette, apricot, orange and nuts, sesame, three spices, chili, fleur de sel, dried fig, ginger, hazelnut, and the list continues... Moreover, you can also find special assorted chocolates such as chocolate truffles, rochers, and chocolate bonbons as well as classic white/milk/dark chocolate tablets and tablets with nuts.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

I decided to experiment with the white peanut butter, the raspberry, and the ginger chocolates, and all of them were so delicious that I could not choose a favourite one even if I wanted to. Freshly baked brownies and other sporadic cake and cookie options are also tempting options available. According to Beatriz the “variety of chocolates offered” and the “personalised customer service” is what distinguishes this place from others.

The views

When it comes to the part of choosing where you want to sit in order to contemplate the chocolates you have just ordered, if you are bold enough, I encourage you to go up the entire set of stairs until the wooden platform high up in the hill. There, you will come across one of Odemira’s best viewpoints – you can see the river, the castle, the traditional ‘Cante Alentejano’ monument, and the typical white-painted houses which contrast with the green hills in the back – a truly sensational perspective.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

Regarding your chocolates, you don’t have to worry about taking them all the way up, as there is a food elevator which will smoothly transport your order so you can simply enjoy the trek. But if you don’t feel like climbing all those stairs, then there are other beautiful spots which also grant unique sceneries and emblematic moments.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

More to it

Besides chocolate, you can also find for sale homemade peanut butter, chocolate & peanut spread, chocolate liquor, bean or ground coffee, Playadito mate, and chocolate spoons to make hot chocolate, among more exciting things as traditional ceramic pieces. They also produce thematic chocolate lollipops and various sizes of personalised chocolate boxes which work perfectly as a gift.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

Open Tuesday to Saturday, between 10am and 7pm, with a two-hour break for lunch between 1-3pm, the Chocolate Factory offers a great escape from the busy daily life. With a mix of residents, regular travellers, and new tourists visiting the chocolaterie, we can see that it is definitely the place to be. And the visitors are not the only ones sharing that opinion – Beatriz herself has joyfully shared, “I’m totally happy here, and I’m extremely pleased to be doing this, having my own chocolaterie”.

Author: Sara J. Durães;

For more information contact on (+351) 965 716 711, email choclatesdebeatriz@gmail.com or visit their website www.chocolatesdebeatriz.com.


After studying Journalism for five years in the UK and Malta, Sara Durães moved back to Portugal to pursue her passion for writing and connecting with people. A ‘wanderluster’, Sara loves the beach, long walks, and sports. 

Sara J. Durães