Maeva Lhopez, a visionary shamanic artist, has crafted a collection that combines aesthetics, the feminine, nature and symbolism; her creations serve as conduits for healing and transformation. Drawing from her intuitive prowess, Maeva infuses her artwork with potent energies aimed at catalysing personal growth and empowerment.

For Maeva, this exhibition marks a significant milestone - a leap from the confines of a corporate marketing career to a life dedicated to showcasing and expanding the beauty of this mysterious world. "The Awakening of the Goddess" is a testament to the artist's own metamorphosis and an invitation for others to embark on their transformative journeys.

From May through September, the captivating pieces of this exhibition find their home at Balance Cafe, Portimão.

Address: Balance Cafe, R. Dona Maria de Aragão e Castela lt 73D, 8500-449 Portimão, Portugal.

Step into Balance Cafe Portimão. Step into your own awakening.