Louis Vuitton’s latest men’s wear has got dog owners hot under the collar. While the top fashion house kept a tight leash on its Spring-Summer 2025 Pre-Collection, it has now revealed how its collaboration with musician Pharrell has inspired paws-for-thought.

Author: Luis Vuitton;

LVMH is affectionately calling the collection the "Dandy Dog Walkers" and in each of the promotional images, the male models feature a canine companion. After all these years relying on accessories made of animal skins, Louis Vuitton has now cut out the processing and showcases them, alive.

The Luis Vuitton Canine Collection is a unique combination of Luis Vuitton's Parisian aesthetic and Pharrell's own distinctive visual style. The models are all decked out in ultra-styled versions of sports casual wear, from shorts to flared trousers, while all the dogs and their accessories are suitably carriable to be ferried along the Champs-Élysées.