What was involved? They swam the equivalent to 35 kilometres / 22 miles, the width of the English Channel, in their respective swimming pools ranging from 6 metres to 9.5 metres in length. In total a staggering 13,650 lengths between them! That’s amazing!
They set their own pace, but wanted to complete the swim before their pools got too chilly. They started mid-August and finished last week.
As soon as they posted on Facebook what they were going to do sponsorship money started to come flooding in. Family members, friends and other StreetLife supporters started to pledge amounts.
Our first WOW moment was when the last length was completed, they had raised a total sum of €1467.00; but then Russell & Decoz Real Estate (Moncarapacho) generously matched the sum raised by Lisa & Val and another €731.00 was paid into the StreetLife Account. This was a second WOW moment– totally unexpected and so appreciated.
Not wanting to miss out, Christine & Carol are looking for another local company to match their sponsorship money – is there a local business out there who can match their €736.00? There must be someone out there who can give StreetLife a third WOW moment?