The People-Animals-Nature party had argued that Albufeira has a serious seasonality problem and would have a lot to benefit from an investment of this nature.

“Although it is a degraded infrastructure, it could be converted into equipment meant to improve the life of the residents, to promote the local economy through the requalification of stores and the realisation of the most varied cultural events supporting the fight against seasonality.

Also, it would have the great advantage of being able to make available to the population several housing units at controlled costs, which would make a huge difference to those looking for a house in the municipality of Albufeira”, said a statement from PAN.

Despite all the advantages, the PAN recommendation was rejected at the Albufeira Municipal Assembly, with the PSD, PS and CDU voting against it.

“This position is unfortunate since we do not understand how a structural initiative that, in addition to ending bullfighting, was intended to stimulate and contribute to improving the lives of Albufeira residents, has been rejected”, said PAN representatives in Albufeira.