Fátima Rato, the doctor responsible for the Poison Information Centre, explained in a press release to the Lusa News Agency that in 2019 they received 150 calls related to situations of exposure to alcohol gel and that in 2020 and until midnight 14 October, they received 531 contacts.

"This is easily explainable since it is a product that we never used almost and that we now live with," she said, adding that there was a prevalence of calls in March, April and May, which she attributes to the fact that families are at home more with easier access to the product.

In all cases of assistance on the 800 250 250 line, the situations reported were of low severity, but the Ciav official warned of greater vigilance regarding these products, especially in the transfer to unidentified containers.

Most of these situations occurred accidentally. More than 84 percent happened orally, 7 percent through the ocular mucosa, about 3 percent by inhalation and more than 2 percent by skin exposure. Also “The severity is low and without major consequences”, she said. The most common problems were associated with the irritation of the digestive system, vomiting, coughing, redness in the eyes and blurred vision.