Alien movement wants Portuguese embassy

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Alien movement wants Portuguese embassy

A movement which believes in extra-terrestrial life and the strong connection with human kind has reportedly formalised an official request to build in embassy in Portugal.

According to the request by the Raelian Movement, first published by AFP and Diario de Noticias, it is seeking land which measures 4 square kilometres where the embassy can be built and includes a 14 metre long landing strip.

The movement says that in exchange for the land, it will ensure economic development of the region where the building is placed. Lisbon has not yet commented on this new development,


The extraterrestrials doesn't existed at all.

by azoreseuropa from USA on 26-07-2015 12:45:00

Amazing! The raelians are indeed from another world!

by VSM from Lisbon on 24-07-2015 12:04:00

Here is a 4 min. video that explains the embassy for the extraterrestrials:

by Donnabanonna from Other on 23-07-2015 07:23:00
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