The selection of the bank was made by an independent consumer panel which rated Bankinter as having an overall consumer choice rating of 76.77 percent.
According to Alberto Ramos, Bankinter Portugal’s CEO, “This distinction, attributed by consumers, leaves us even more motivated to continue to provide excellent banking services, working closely with our customers in carrying out their personal and business life projects” .
The Bank’s ratings came from evaluation in relation to the good performance of parameters such as trust and credibility in the institution, efficiency in solving problems, transparency, ease of banking operations, good support service to the customer, friendly and personalised services, speed of service, security, clear information about services and products and relationship with the customer.
The “Consumer Choice” is a system for evaluating the level of satisfaction and acceptability of products and services by their individual attributes, with the guarantee that they are always evaluated by consumers with current experience of consumption and purchase of products or services under evaluation.
The “Consumer Choice” evaluates the main brands in each category, allowing the result to be representative of the market.