According to the executive, the archipelago received the distinction "Coronavirus Safest Destination" from the European Best Destination organisation, from a list of safer destinations for holidays in a time of pandemic.

This distinction, according to a press release, "is based on health security measures in the tourism sector and its related activities, the low number of cases and security in the local health service".

"Taking into account the new normality that we live in, being considered one of the safest destinations in Europe in 2020 is a source of pride in the work done so far", underlines the regional secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism, mentioned in the note.

For Marta Guerreiro, "this is one of the best recognitions" that the archipelago could receive this year, motivating to "continue the path taken in the fight against the pandemic of covid-19 and in the resumption of tourist activity".

Azorean businessmen "have shown themselves prepared to receive tourists interested in the Azores safely", underlines the head of the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the executive, another reason for the international distinction is the fact that the Azores are “a perfect destination for travellers who have a preference for contact with nature and for products such as hiking, whale watching, local cuisine and valuing traditions" .

Forbes magazine was one of the international bodies that published the list of safe destinations to visit in the time of Covid-19.