It’s official! Women do in fact make better investors than men! Or at least that is the outcome of the BinckBank Boys versus Girls investment challenge that was initiated back in February. BinckBank Spain part of Saxo Bank, together with Talk Radio Europe, have been airing the challenge for the past six months, with presenters Giles and Hannah investing €100,000 of virtual funds, explaining their strategies and being updated on the latest news on economy and stock markets by Kaspar Huijsman, Director of BinckBank here in Spain.

As new investors, it has certainly been a rollercoaster ride for both presenters, especially with the volatility of the markets in the first few months. Over the summer it was a tight race throughout with Giles in the lead last week until Hannah took on a risky position in the final stretch.

Their mentor Kaspar has been overseeing their progress throughout and has been impressed with how they acted on his tips and their overall performance. He explains that “every investor always benefits from objectively evaluating their choices and strategies, whether they are new to investing or have years of experience. BinckBank, offers clients a free service where they can learn to understand their investments and develop a solid strategy.” Such help was definitely appreciated by both Giles and Hannah, especially during their on-air Portfolio Talk every fortnight where Kaspar scrutinized their performance.

Both contenders tried their very hardest to win for their chosen charities, with Hannah battling on behalf of AGE Concern and Giles for DEBRA, The Butterfly Children Charity. Well done to the winner of the challenge, Hannah, and congratulations to AGE Concern who will receive a donation of 1,000 euros from BinckBank.

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