"We do not want the borders to be closed, but rather there should be health checks for those entering and leaving Portugal for possible infections caused by the new coronavirus. This, moreover, is a claim of the 12 Bragança district councils that make up the commission," he said.

According to him, the figures presented by the Spanish entities are starting to be a concern on the Portuguese side and the Bragança District Commission for Civil Protection has left the guarantee that it is attentive.

"Spain has a very high average of infected people, which is worrying our entire region and the country, and we could suffer from this increase in cases," Guimarães noted.

In this sense, the reactivation of the Covid-19 centres in those municipalities was deliberated by the District Commission of Civil Protection of Bragança.

"This measure serves to respond to possible outbreaks that may arise and thus be able to respond to requests in this regard," said the mayor of Mogadouro, which is a border county.

The head of Civil Protection in the District of Bragança recommended that all citizens of this territory, who went to foreign countries such as Spain or France, for seasonal work such as apple picking or grape picking, when entering Portugal, have prophylactic care.

"They should ask for help from municipalities, family doctors and other entities to be tested and not to be in contact with the community without first noticing whether or not they are infected", observed Francisco Guimarães.

He was aware that the Public Health Unit (USP) of the district of Bragança is open to help solve this type of situation.

In Europe, the highest number of fatalities is recorded in the United Kingdom (42,445 deaths, more than 530,000 cases), followed by Italy (36,030 deaths, more than 330,000 cases), France (32,299 deaths, more than 624,000 cases) and Spain (32,486 deaths, more than 825,000 cases).