Originally from England but established in Portugal since 2017, the company has a multi-talented and active young team aiming for excellency in service, providing solutions and equipment and working with the highest quality standards throughout all the Algarve region.
The Christmas campaign from Casa Verde is valid for all the new contracts closed until the 31 December, with every customer receiving a €500 voucher from the Apolónia Supermarket.
During a time where people’s concerns all around the world turn, not only to making their homes more comfortable, but also to helping to protect our common home - the Planet, Casa Verde stands out with their renewable energy solutions.
The company offers solutions ranging from Solar energy (with or without battery storage), hot water systems, solar pool pumps, solar pool heating and solar car charging points, to insulating facade covering product protecting your house against humidity and water damage – proPerla®.
A company spokesman said: “We are focused on finding the best solutions for homes or small business, lowering consumer’s energy consumption bills between 25 percent to 85 percent, reducing their contribution to environmental damage and carbon footprint with our exclusive renewable energy products and services across the Algarve”.