This afternoon, during a Press conference, Graça Freitas announced that quick testing will “take effect from the 9 November so that all agents have time to adapt”. She explained in what context they should be used: “people with symptoms in the first five days of showing symptoms, people with no symptoms but in an outbreak situation and health professionals should be regularly screened.”

Following the publishing of this document, “the tests should be carried out by Health service teams which are for quick intervention (including obtaining laboratory tests in less than 12 hours) in cross sectoral articulation with municipal partners, or others, in order to rapidly implement appropriate public health measures."

In addition, the health secretary stated “a person strongly suspected of having a rapid test with negative result forces them to take PCR test (with a cotton swab)”, stressing that “the advantage of rapid testing is its speed”. The strategy of the Health Service is the same: test, follow, screen, isolate and now I add humanise”, stressed Graça Freitas.