The law was promulgated on 26 October by the President of the Republic and will come in to force on 28 October.

"The President of the Republic accept the diploma of the Assembly of the Republic which, exceptionally, determines, for 70 days, the mandatory use of a mask for access, circulation or permanence in public spaces and roads", says a note on the presidency website.

On 23 October, Parliament approved the mandatory use of a mask to access or stay in public spaces and roads, "whenever the physical distance recommended by health authorities proves impractical". The measure will be in force for 70 days, and may be renewed.

The rule will apply to everyone over the age of ten, although there are exemptions from the rules for “people who are part of the same family, when they are not in the proximity of third parties” or upon presentation of a multi-purpose medical certificate or declaration attesting that a clinical condition does not allow the use of masks. It is also not mandatory to wear a mask when "it is incompatible with the nature of the activities that people are doing".

The inspection "is the responsibility of the security forces and the municipal police" and failure to use a mask constitutes an infraction, sanctioned with a fine between €100 and €500.

Updated at 2pm, 27 October.