”The only tool I had was the internet and it occurred to me that I could use the crowdfunding GoFundme platform to raise awareness and to try to give back, even if only a small fraction, to the NHS in my region of residence” says Isabela, the creator of the SOS Algarve COVID-19 fundraiser on the website www.gofundme.com.

“With the assistance of the GoFundme helpdesk, the amount of 25,000€ was established as a “realistic and achievable” guideline. It is far from sufficient and far from the amount I have in mind. It is a milestone, one that I hope, can be surpassed by reaching more people.”

Isabela is asking people to consider donating to this cause, as this can affect any of us “I understand that we are all facing a difficult time with less income, but I strongly believe that a little each will go a long way and one act of kindness will have unexpected and significant impact.”

To donate please follow the link https://www.gofundme.com/f/sos-algarve-covid?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&pc_code=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=5da674156c04440a98c1ccb788fabe13, or find the fundraiser under “SOS Algarve COVID-19”on www.gofundme.com.