Craft brewers manufacture 80,000 litres of antiseptic for Portugal

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A group of 26 micro-brewers made available the bactericide they use in their production units to help contain Covid-19, revealing on 19 March that, since Monday, 16 March, alone, it has already offered 80,000 litres of disinfectant solution to institutions across the country.

The initiative came from producers and distributors who, faced with the difficulties of PSP police stations and health units in accessing disinfectant, launched an informal appeal to the brewing community in order to gather the maximum possible volume of peracetic acid.

"We always have this product available because it is what we use to kill all the bacteria. It is bactericidal, fungicidal and viruscidal. So we decided to gather as much as we could, we gathered all the sprinklers we managed to get and, since Monday, we have already made 80,000 litres of disinfectant solution", explained to Lusa Sofia Oliveira, one of the promoters of the initiative as owner of the brand Lindinha Lucas, from Porto.

Hugo Santos, owner and brewer of Cerveja Chica, from Lisbon, left on Wednesday, 18 March, at the Queluz Fire Department, for example, nine litres of pure peracetic acid, with which the corporation will now produce "3,000 to 4,000 litres" of disinfectant solution.

"We do this unofficially and we warn you well that the final product is not ideal for cleaning hands, because it can be corrosive on the skin. It is an appropriate solution, that is, for cleaning surfaces such as doors, handles, handrails, floors, cars, fire engines, hospitals and even streets", highlights the businessman.

Owner of a brewery and a bar, Hugo Santos anticipates that the production and distribution of the antiseptic will occupy him at least while the state of emergency prevails in Portugal: "I will have to continue doing something, because in this there are no sales. The bar is closed and the brewery is stopped because there are no bars to sell beer to."

Even in this economic context, all the disinfectant created by the sector is being "offered".

Sofia Oliveira insists that "it was not right for micro-brewers to take advantage of this situation" and argues that the common goal is "to help the country overcome this problem as soon as possible, for the benefit of the whole of society".

Not all entities linked to this craft industry, however, will think so. The fact that each 25 litre can of peracetic acid costs "about 80 to 100 Euros" may explain certain behaviours: the association that represents these entrepreneurs "did not even respond to the call" at the origin of the initiative, other brands also did not react to the request for involvement launched by the group and there were suppliers who, "from one week to the next, started to charge double" for the product, which forced the brands to switch supplies.

"We gave everyone what we had available and asked people to find us what they could," says Sofia.

One of the citizens who acceded to this appeal was André Ribeiro, who, as a distributor of medical equipment for physiotherapy, is particularly sensitive to the current shortage of cleaning and protection material, and, among several other acquisitions, bought at once "some 300 spray bottles" to offer to the new group of hygienists.

"It wasn't even the model we wanted, but we cleaned everything in the warehouse," he explains. As for the expense, he says that it was only "200 and some Euros" at his own expense, but notes that the trader even "made a discount, which shows that there are people with common sense, who know what is at stake at this time".

André has also helped deliver the disinfectant and only on Wednesday distributed "350 litres for the firefighters of Leixões, Matosinhos and São Mamede Infesta, by the police, by the Santa Casa da Misericórdia", etc. He says that the reactions are effusive: "The difficulty in arranging these things is so great that people are really very happy and are very grateful".

Chica, Clover, Lindinha Lucas, Epicura, Temple Craft, Gayata, Rhyme, Pirates Brewers, Rogue, Post-Scriptum, Fidélis, Tough Love, Biltre, Sovina, Barona, Praxis, Xô Carago, Dawn, Hermitage, Lynx, Açor, Christeyns , Quimiserve, Lupum, Colossus and Maldita are the beer and distribution brands involved in this solidarity project.


With or without opportunistic businesses, sales or discounts this is a wothwhile private initiative face to a government almost complete void of practical actions to fight Covid-19!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 21-03-2020 03:52

An inspiration to other countries......

By Henrik Rose from Other on 20-03-2020 07:55
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