The information was given on Thursday by Francisco Alves, at the Lisbon Metropolitan Command, in a conference in which he explained the traffic conditions, the scheduled time for the concentration of Benfica fans and the set up, in a model similar to the classic Sporting-FC Porto.

Francisco Alves said that there will be no traffic constraints on nearby main roads since the derby, which will open its doors from 7.15 p.m., will take place on a Friday, a day that is already difficult for drivers.

The roads with the greatest difficulties and with an appeal to be avoided are the link between Colombo and Colégio Militar, from where the Benfica fans will leave from 6.30 p.m., and along Avenida Padre Cruz, from 7 p.m.

"We want all Benfica fans to start entering through gate 1 from 7.30 p.m. so that everyone is inside the stadium before the game" Francisco Alves said regarding the match that should haqve between 40,000and 45,000 fans.

Francisco Alves also warned of the dangers of pyrotechnics, both outside and inside the stadium, which is also one of the security concerns.

The match between Sporting, fourth-placed, with 29 points, and Benfica, first, with 45, from the 17th round of Primeira Liga, will be played on Friday, from 9.15 p.m., at Sporting’s stadium.