In late November we thought there would be delivery problems from China. So we bought all kind of parts and ordered all kind of new bikes. Half of March we had to close our doors because of the pandemic. Now we are fully open and people are looking for bikes again.
Consider an investment of a good bicycle which will give you so much joy and energy. Here in the Algarve a really good investment can be an E-Bike. All our clients could not believe that they would enjoy Cycling so much.
As a certified Bosch and Shimano Steps dealer we follow the new developments on E-Bikes very closely. Better batteries, stronger engines, you can find it in our shop. All the bikes in our showroom are ready for a test ride. So you can always make the right decision. Do you know that we have more than 60 models in stock?
Martin’s E-Bike is the largest and oldest E-Bike shop in the Algarve. With a Dutch background and quality, our training in Holland, we can offer you a wide range of bicycles and the best advice for cycling in your situation. In high temperatures of 30+ degrees, an E-Bike will make you smile while you have a great time and still do some exercise. You are in charge of the effort you put in to the pedals. Choose one of the many models E-Bikes and do a test on our parking area or further if you wish. Just to make the right choice for many years of cycling. Prefer a workout? We have German and Dutch City-, trekking-, folding-, road- and mountain bikes as well. Good quality for a very honest price. With our experience and modern workshops we can service and repair all kind of bikes. Visit us in Almancil, Av. Duarte Pacheco 48.

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Tel: (+351) 289 098 603