“Sustainability is part of our DNA and underpins everything we do. In a year when Lisbon will be European Green Capital, individual and collective commitment is more important than ever,” says Joan Escoté, Epson CSR Manager for Spain and Portugal.

On this day, the entire Epson team from Portugal - and Epson Ibérica's CSR Manager Joan Escoté - with the support of Quercus and in partnership with some customers and partners was focused on the mission of helping in the planting of pines and other indigenous leafy species that have already been planted by Quercus in conjunction with the ICNF.

These initiatives have allowed several people to join in this cause and support the reforestation of this pine forest, created by King D. Dinis, with about 11,000 hectares.

“At Epson, we established the Environmental Vision 2050 initiative, a goal we have set to address climate change and which we are working on. We want to achieve this milestone by focusing our work on climate and biodiversity protection, but also on sustainability and the circular economy, so that our strategy is more complete,” adds Joan Escoté.

As part of Epson's 2025 corporate vision, the company aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by making the most of efficient, compact and accurate technologies to reduce the environmental impact of its own products and services on its life cycle

The Japanese company believes it is their duty to promote these strategies in the global community and implement them. Together with their customers and employees, they develop and participate in programmes that promote environmental responsibility and awareness in various areas, as well as adopt ecological civic behaviour in the company, green technology, green communication and green education.

Epson is committed to reducing GHG emissions in line with the goals set by the Paris agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, it continues to work hard to develop eco-conscious products and solutions that companies can adopt in their everyday lives, such as inkjet technology or educational projects such as the EDU2030 and B-SEArcular.