A spokesman of the HPA Health Group explained that the growth that this Hospital has experienced in recent years has resulted in the administration realising the need to reformulate and expand some areas, permitting a more functional and comfortable hospital for its patients.
The Out-Patients Unit - Floor 0 - will undergo some alterations to create additional space for special exams, but major alterations will be carried out on the 2nd Floor with the addition of a new wing. The decision to expand is not only due to the substantial growth that the Hospital has experienced in recent years but also due to the acquisition of new equipment which in itself requires additional and specially adapted space, said the same source.
In order to carry out these alterations, most of the administrative and financial departments had to be moved to an adjacent building outside the Hospital. This was the most functional way found to gain space for the necessary alterations. With these alterations the hospital will become more functional, with additional out-patient consulting rooms and also special exams such as gastroenterology and urology, and an additional area for women’s health. The Oncology Day Hospital will also gain new space. Finally, an additional MRI machine will be installed where the administration offices used to be.
It is believed that this remodelling will result in substantial benefits for patients, while the Hospital’s staff will see their work space become more functional resulting in the possibility of increasing their activity in some medical specialties by more than 30 percent.