Foreigners without residence ‘have to pay for Covid test’ in Portugal

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Non-Portuguese citizens or foreign nationals without residence in Portugal who do not present a negative covid-19 test on arrival must be tested at the airport at their own expense, and could be refused entry if they fail to do so

Airlines transporting passengers without tests could also be fined.

This is according to an order published yesterday (Monday) in the government gazette, which determines temperature controls and Covid tests at airports, for flights from origins identified as being of epidemiological risk by the Directorate-General for Health and from Portuguese-speaking countries and the United States.


Hi, I'm a foreigner without residence in Portugal, I'm looking to move onto another location. I need to get the covid test here before boarding. How much is it on average to get the test done here in Lisbon? Do you have a few clinics you could recommend that would do this test?

By Bear from Lisbon on 01-12-2020 05:02

Sou portuguesa Tenho voo para Portugal, vinda do egito. Necessito apresentar o teste a entrda em portugal ou posso fazer no aeroporto à chegada, sw fizer no aeroporto quanto tempo demora o resultado.

By Claudia Guerreiro from Algarve on 01-12-2020 01:42

Hello, I would like ask you if can I do the COVID test in airport in Lisbon if I am not resident? I will need it to entry to my country (Slovakia). My question is only about posibility of it and about price. Thank you.

By Maros Kopcan from Lisbon on 29-09-2020 05:09

My daughter in law and two grande children arrive at FARO in the morning. They are coming from USA to Dublin and then to FARO. When they arrive at the airport can they have the Covid test?? and how much? Thank you. Sally

By Sally Vincent from Algarve on 04-08-2020 04:58

hello, i am travelling from USA to Berlin, making a stop in Lisbon with tap portugal. I am an italian citizen and resident. Do I need a covid test for boarding the plane from USA?

By Nicole from USA on 31-07-2020 07:18

Hello, I live in the USA and I am flying to ltaly with layover in Lisbon. I have US and Italian citizenships. Do you know if I need proof of negative test results just for a layover in the Lisbon airport? Thank you!

By Maria from USA on 30-07-2020 09:20

I am coming to the Algarve's on 3 September for 4 days from Belgium. Do I need to do the test and if so I can do it 3 days before arrival.

By Linda from Algarve on 29-07-2020 07:50

This is ridiculous! Why would the Portuguese government pay for testing for foreigners ? Because if history ? Wow what a small mentality! Maybe you should return and the money that Canada as been giving you for decades !
Or you may want to take your vacation at the Falcon islands .
Thank god you are out of the EU

By José Leal from Other on 22-07-2020 01:38

Even if you are a European citizen TAP Portugal won't let you travel from the US without the test taken within 72 hour from your flight. I had a connection flight in Boston and I am a European citizen and they didn't allow me to board on the plane without the test, not even if you are willing to take the Test once in Portugal. Very sorry that a country I love so much as Portugal is doing this. Added to that it is nearly impossible to get the results from the Test they require in 72 hour.

By Santiago from USA on 10-07-2020 11:55

Most foreigners cannot even renew their residencies, in Portugal. due to SEF not processing their applications, at their offices. or online due to their system not working. So this will be a real mess, if this is the case.

By Ian smith from Algarve on 08-07-2020 07:32

This is not true. UK travellers do not need to pay for a test on entry.

By John from Lisbon on 08-07-2020 03:01

So, is it only Portuguese-speaking countries and the United States that need a test before travel? Most of the forums I've found are pretty unclear. Do I need a covid-19 test prior to my flight coming from the UK?

By Chloe from UK on 08-07-2020 01:45

Graham Parker - just have the test and make it safer for everyone else - and by the way - UK citizens visiting Portugal and spending money are just paying back a little for all the gold stolen from Portugal during and after the Napoleonic wars - the gold that the Portuguese stole from the Native Americans.

By Mac from Algarve on 08-07-2020 11:20

Misleading headline!!!

99% of European arrivals (including UK of course!) are not subject to this rule.

For now anyway. But if they want to kill tourism altogether, that rule might change and include everyone.

By Paula from Algarve on 08-07-2020 11:03

We are due to come to Ferragudo late August. how much would test be.

By Sarah Reeves from UK on 08-07-2020 10:43

How about getting tested at the airport of origin?
Would be safer for everyone and cheaper for the country of arrival.
Xenophobic comments are extremely unproductive.
Why should my chosen destination pay for my desire to take a vacation during a pandemic?

By Carolina from Lisbon on 08-07-2020 08:04

This is great news, concidering air travel was responsible for this outbreak. Now airliners will require these tests knowing they can be fined and reaponsible for returning the passanger. I would rather fly knowing the strangers next to me has proven themselves safe. Bravo

By John from Other on 08-07-2020 01:44

This is basically just now only from the US and Brazil ..

By Erik from USA on 07-07-2020 04:54

You are trying to stop the people from the U.K. who want to go to Portugal and help your unemployed people with a job.???

By Graham Parker from UK on 07-07-2020 03:47

Which countries are identified as high risk?

By Esa from Algarve on 07-07-2020 03:20

While by car or bus you can arrive through Spain border without a test :)

By Sergii Shapovalenko from Porto on 07-07-2020 02:31

This may be a way for the authorities in Portugal to show the British Government that Portugal is 'safe' and further mitigating new infections. However the Portuguese Government announcement is lacking in details- as what countries are seen as high risk, as PM Costa and the President said British tourists wouldnt have to quarantine, and also is having a Portuguese Fiscal number the same as residency? Quarantine when alot of people are staying in hotels etc. is also not feasible.

By Dave from UK on 07-07-2020 01:31

News on Line-After reading your article ., I must admit panic set in . We are
arriving in FARO tomorrow to go to our holiday home. I phoned FARO airport
and have had confirmation from another passenger on the flight from Luton
tomorrow ,that those of us who have not had a Corvid 19 test will NOT
have to pay for a teat at the airport. Just our temperature taken. If this is the fact may I suggest you alter your feature.

By Mr B Bernstein from UK on 07-07-2020 01:30

If you don’t have symptoms I don’t see the problem with allowing people into Portugal. I get tested every 2weeks at work and all negative!!

By Jayne knight from UK on 07-07-2020 11:50
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