Portugal’s president vows to visit Algarve “at least once a week”

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Portugal’s president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has vowed to visit the Algarve “at least once a week” for the foreseeable future in a bid to raise the region’s profile.

The president attended a dinner last night (6 July) with the mayors of the region in Monte Gordo.

Regarding tourism, Marcelo said that “there is no reason for people to turn their backs on the Algarve” because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


To those that think they can use Saville Liz,and visit Portugal to visit you then go back via Saville,the catch is you need to be in Saville for 14 days for NO Quarantine back in the UK at the moment of writing,because they have been here in Portugal. They have closed that loophole.I agree Lisbon on the last holiday period should have been shut down if fact no one should have been able to move from the regions they were in .

By Bobby S from UK on 08-07-2020 08:21

Ya, BAD Lisbonites! Since it's their fault the economy in the Algarve is in ruins and not because of any previous lock-down measures, they should travel to the Algarve for their summer holidays and spend their money in the Algarve. That will teach them!

By William from Other on 08-07-2020 05:24

It's purely the statistics from Lisbon stopping the English coming. The numbers from Lisbon which are still excessive and have been out of control since mid April

Out of control since Mid April!!!

On the 18th of April everywhere in Portugal cases were falling. But on April 18 the cases in Lisbon were up and throughout April, May, June and now into July they are still on an upward trend - April 18 to today a rising trend.

Nearly three months Lisbon has been ignoring a problem that the English could not!

For months Lisbon has had warnings. My own family have to come in via Seville, well apart from the heat it is no hardship. But pure selfish lunacy from Lisbonites has ruined the economy of the Algarve !!!

By Liz from Algarve on 07-07-2020 04:38
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