The charging stations are located on Rua do Município, in the public parking area and also on Rua Manuel Bentes Júnior next to the P1 parking area and represent a total investment of €20,000.

The aim of the initiative is to provide a valid alternative to petrol or diesel cars and to meet the increasing demand for charging stations.

Both stations are linked to the MOBI.E network and anyone enrolled with the network will be able to apply for a card to use the stations.

Albufeira mayor, José Carlos Rolo, said that the initiative allows the municipality to “contribute to the promotion of sustainable mobility, as well as to the national goal of achieving a reduction by 9 percent in energy use in 2020”

He added: “We want to work as much as possible with new policies aimed at greater energy efficiency, for the good of the environment, the economy and in short, all of us.”

The municipality of Albufeira already has eight electric vehicles within its fleet and aims to increase this in the near future.