Fuel rationing during truckers' strike

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Fuel rationing during truckers' strike

Portugal's government announced on Friday that during the truckers’ strike, refuelling for light vehicles will be rationed to a maximum of 25 litres and heavy vehicles 100 litres, available only at filling stations that do not belong to the Strategic Network of Filling Stations (SNFS).

In a press conference, the minister of environment and energy transition, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, explained that SNFS has two types of stations: one for priorities, such as the armed forces, medical emergency, transport of agricultural products and the other for the general public.

There are 321 priority stations in the SNFS network.

The strike, scheduled for 12 August for an indefinite period, threatens to bring the country to a stand-still, since it will affect all types of transport in all areas, not only the transport of dangerous goods. Supplies to supermarkets, industry and services will all be affected.


We were planning to tour Portugal in September but now may have to deviate to Spain. What a hit to the tourism industry. I hope the dispute is settled quickly . Bill Sansom

by W sansom from UK on 13-08-2019 07:28:00
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