“I am so grateful to have made this trip, to have had this experience, and so honoured to have arrived here in Lisbon,” said the Swedish teenager, who landed late in the morning in the Portuguese capital, before travelling today to Madrid, where the United Nations Climate Summit (COP25) is being held.

At a press conference, she left the assurance that the fight will not stop so that the protests of young people are heard: "We will not stop, we will continue and do everything in our power: to travel, to put pressure on those in power to put priorities in place," said the 16-year-old activist, appealing to the dozens of activists who welcomed her: "Continue to help us to make all this possible."

Asked to comment on how some adults see her as an angry child, she replied that “people underestimate the strength of angry children,” adding: “We are angry, frustrated, for good reason. If you want us to stop being angry, stop making us angry.

After attending a summit in New York, the young activist should have travelled to Chile for COP25, but at the last minute the Chilean Government resigned from organizing the meeting due to social instability in the country, and Madrid took over.

That is why the young Swede embarked on 13 November, back to Europe, on the catamaran “La Vagabonde” as a way to avoid the planes and their heavy polluting cargo.

However, today at the press conference, she admitted that it is impossible for her example to be followed by everyone.

Prior to the press conference, Greta Thunberg was welcomed by the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, and the chairman of the Parliamentary Environment Commission, José Maria Cardoso, as well as Portuguese student climate strike activists.