Whether you are staying at home this festive season or will be going away, it is important to be aware of the well being of your pet.
Keep your pets safe over Christmas and New Year and throughout the cooler winter months by following a few top tips:

Safe homes
With all the decorations, different plants, ornaments and candles around at this time of the year, the house can be an intriguing place for pets, eager to seek out new sights and smells.
Take care to make sure anything dangerous is out of reach, especially electrical cords which should be taped down to prevent injuries.
Anyone with pets will know that a Christmas tree can be a source of constant entertainment for curious cats and playful pups. Make life easier for everyone by firstly securing your tree well so it is less likely to be knocked over and try to place ornaments on higher branches to lessen the temptation for batting potentially breakable objects that may cut your pet.
Candles can also be problematic, so it’s best to avoid burning them or put them far out of pets’ reach.
Seasonal plants like holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs and cats, so if you plan to decorate your home with them, place them in an area your pet cannot reach.

Food wise
Boxes of biscuits and tins of sweets can usually be found around the house at Christmas and while it may be tempting to want to share your treats with your pets it is important to resist the urge.
Even small amounts of human food can potentially cause serious health issues for pets so instead opt for pet friendly treats, designed specifically for animals.

Keep calm
If you have visitors over at Christmas, or plan to travel during the holidays then remember that this can leave your pet feeling particularly anxious.
Take the time to keep your pet calm or make sure that they have a safe space to retreat to away from the noise and commotion.