In his book "The Institutionalization of the Pan-Amazon", the university professor addresses the theme of Amazonian cooperation in the light of International Relations and Law, trying to point to solutions for the promotion of greater dialogue between the various countries that make up that territory.

Speaking to Lusa on the sidelines of the award ceremony, which coincided with UAlg's 40th anniversary, the author considered the award as "a great recognition", whose value is "very symbolic", above all, because it is a prize awarded in Portugal to a Brazilian scholar.

According to Paulo Nunes, the way in which the various governments conduct the problems of the Amazon, which occupies 50% of Brazil, is not always the most suitable, and it is a very sparsely inhabited area that the Brazilians themselves barely know.

"There are more Brazilians travelling to Europe than to the Amazon," he summarized, noting that the Amazon is "a secondary issue for the development of policies" by the various countries that share its common borders, noting that it is necessary to promote dialogue between all.

On the other hand, the professor of the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás argued that it is necessary to change the model of economic exploitation of the Amazon, which is all geared towards the extraction of wood and minerals.

"It is a scenario that necessarily requires dialogue. Governments need to establish this dialogue and seek partnerships with international society for the discussion and implementation of solutions," he concluded.

Paulo Henrique Faria Nunes holds a degree in Law, a Master's degree in Geography and a PhD in Political and Social Sciences.

This is the first edition of the award named after the first rector of UAlg, Manuel Gomes Guerreiro, whose objective is to distinguish a doctoral work or thesis that contributes to scientific development in one of the university's areas of knowledge.