“Ten years ago we decided to offer patients innovative measures, which in fact we continue to do, as is the case for example, with our Maternity Intensive Care Unit, Hepatobiliopancreatic Centre and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”, states the Hospital Administrator.

“On the other hand, we have always tried to keep ourselves updated with current health issues and innovations including the heath requirements of the region. In recent years additional innovative services were created; the Oncology Unit and the Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit”, continues the Administrator.

“The growth of the Gambelas Hospital in both human resources and medical care has been exponential, the result not only of our important focus on highly differentiated and experienced teams, but also on the technological investment that has been made since its opening in 2009”, says Paulo Sousa, Medical Director of the Hospital.

“Undoubtedly, the loyalty and knowhow of the medical teams have been decisive in the consolidation of Gambelas”, agrees Pedro Santinha, current Director of the Hospital. “This is evident when we observe the growth that the hospital has experienced especially in the last five years, with an increase of approximately 100 percent in most departments and in some, such as the maternity unit over 200 percent, as is the case with the number of deliveries”.

“We have been making a very interesting path in training and research, for example, in undergraduate and postgraduate training of doctors and nurses as well as in the development of various research and clinical trials, which reflects experience and credibility”, said Nurse Luciana Matos, the nurse responsible for this unit.

In 2009, Gambelas was the third hospital unit of the Hospital Particular do Algarve Health Group, which today consists of 17 units spread throughout the Algarve and also in the Alentejo and more recently, also in Madeira.