House prices in Portugal now average €1,981 per square metre according to the latest idealista price index and while this is a positive growth for the sector at 15 percent year on year, it is less than the growth seen in the first two quarters which stood at 3.3 percent and 4.5 percent respectively.

All regions of the country saw growth quarter to quarter with the exception of the Alentejo, where prices fell by one percent. Highlighted in the report was the region of the Azores where prices increased by 4.1 percent, followed by the north which was up by 2.7 percent, Lisbon at 2.7 percent, Madeira at 1.8 percent, the Algarve at 1.4 percent and the centre also saw a price increase by one percent.

The Lisbon metropolitan area remains the most expensive region of the country with average house prices at €2,883 per square metre, followed by the Algarve at an average of €2,183 per square metre. At the opposite end of the scale the Alentejo and centre remain the cheapest places to buy property at €1,031 per square metre.