The police carried out "an operation with the objective of supervising the practice of camping and caravanning in an irregular situation on the coast of the district of Setúbal", having detected a total of 137 infractions, the police force said in a statement.

In the same note, the GNR indicated that 92 of these irregular situations were due to "occasional camping without a license".

"Camping and wild caravanning are an identified as a problem, which is a factor in the destruction of habitats, some of them protected. Furthermore, they represent an illegal occupation, which results in a degradation of the sites used, by decomposition of waste".

Other occurrences were due to violations of the Highway Code (23) and also circulation and parking in beach areas, dunes and cliffs (12).

In addition, the security force reported that ten irregular situations were detected in relation to access, occupation and use of beaches "in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic" for the 2020 bathing season.

"In the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to comply with the rules concerning circulation in the access to the beach, avoiding the crossing of people, the bathing facilities and the occupation of the beach, in order to respect the recommended physical distance," was said.

During the investigation, the military also seized four bladed weapons and 24 grams of cannabis.