Following an investigation that lasted about two years, it was found that the suspects were part of an illegal gambling network and used an online platform to attract customers who would then place their bets on it, giving a percentage from betting to network heads. The money won in these bets was disguised through car dealers and real estate agencies, so as to obscure the source of the goods obtained through illegal gambling.

In the course of the proceedings, 22 searches were carried out, namely 12 home searches, and 20 in cafes, car stands and real estate agencies, resulting in the seizure of 58 illicit gambling devices, including computers, tablets, mobile phones, gaming machines and peripherals, 17 routers, two vehicles, one firearm and 15,493 Euros in cash.

In addition to the search warrants, a warrant of arrest was served, culminating in the arrest of one of the suspects, and the other suspect was arrested in the act while collecting the betting money. Twenty-six men and seven women, aged 25 to 70, were still identified for their involvement in the crimes under investigation.

Of the two detainees, one has been returned to liberty and the other, with criminal record for illegal gambling, remains at the GNR premises until he is present, tomorrow, 4 December, at the Marco de Canaveses Judicial Court, to apply the measures of coercion.

This operation was reinforced by the Game Regulation and Inspection Service and the Territorial Commands of Aveiro, Braga and Vila Real.