Pets help keep your body healthy

According to the PDSA regular walks help dog owners get lots of exercise themselves, but the benefits of dog ownership don’t end there. Dogs can often break the ice in social situations, helping dog owners meet other people and feel less lonely.

Running with a dog is great exercise for both of you, and can help you feel safer if you’re running in the evening.

Growing up with pets is great for children’s health, too. Playing with a cat or dog can help keep your kids active.

For owners with physical health problems, assistance is not limited to Guide Dogs: pets can become unofficial support animals for owners. As well as offering comfort and emotional support, there have been cases of pets predicting their owner’s fits, helping them after a fall or warning about serious illnesses.

Pets are great for our mental health

There’s plenty of evidence to show that pets can be great for our mental health, too. The PDSA Animal Welfare (PAW) Report 2018 found that 94 percent of pet owners said owning a pet makes them happy.

Pets can also help their owners feel less fearful or lonely. Some older pet owners say their pet is their only friend and feel a bond equal to a friendship with another person.

Children too can benefit emotionally from having a pet and will seek them out when they are feeling upset, which may be helpful during stressful life events.

Pets are part of the family

Our pets are members of our families and provide a focus in life. This can be good for those in need, such as the ill and elderly, whose pets can provide an important source of companionship. Pets also support owners who are going through hard times in their life such as losing a job or breaking up with a partner.

The right pet for you

Taking on a pet is not something that should be done on a whim and there’s lots to think about before you bring a pet into your life. It’s important that you get a pet that fits into your lifestyle and that you can give them everything they need.