The works, with an execution period of 60 days, will allow the creation of four more niches for large animals, twenty-five niches for medium-sized animals and seven niches for small animals.

This work will practically double the installed capacity of the Animal Cemetery, built and inaugurated in 2017 as a result of a winning proposal from the Participatory Budget. At the time it was the first equipment of this scope to be created in the Algarve and the third at national level.

Initially equipped with 39 aerobic burial units, with different dimensions for large animals (6 units), medium-sized animals (10 units) and small animals (23 units), the Animal Cemetery was designed and built with the possibility of expansion, if the demand justified it, which happened, since at the present date 26 units are already occupied.

The applicable conditions for those who intend to bury their pet animal are defined in the “Regulation of the Cemetery for Pet Animals of the Municipality of Lagos” approved in 2017. According to the above regulation the equipment has as its “sole and exclusive purpose the burial of pet animals up to 1.15m in length or 70kg”, being understood as “pet animal (…) any animal held or destined to be kept by human beings, namely in their home, for their entertainment and company.”