Land borders with Spain to remain closed until June 15

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The land borders between Portugal and Spain will remain closed until 15 June due to the covid-19 pandemic, according to a resolution by the Councils of Ministers published in the Government Gazette yesterday.

The control of land borders with Spain has been enforced since 11pm on 16 March at nine authorized crossing points, due to the covid-19 pandemic, which was originally due to end today.

The resolution published yesterday extends, "on an exceptional and temporary basis, the reinstatement of the control of people at the borders with Spain until 00:00 hours of June 15, 2020".


I live in Portugal and need to cross the portuguese border by car on the 20 th of june. Can someone tell me if it is possible? I was just told that the border only reopens on July the first
Is that correct?
Thank you

By Nicolau da costA from Algarve on 15-06-2020 09:22

Hi can any one help us
We are a family living in UK me my partner and are 3 kids my partner not my wife yet is a Portuguese residence with a property out there and her mother lives out there and we need to get out to Portugal for many reasons
We are think about driving there and have to cross land borders I know she will not have a problem going through but can me and the kids travel to and will we be able to travel through the boards as a family
We have somewhere out there to self isolate
Can we travel with no problems
Cheers Mark jay

By Mark jay from UK on 28-05-2020 08:25

To Graham Clarke

As a UK citizen wishing to return home you can cross both the Spanish and French borders if you travel directly to a channel crossing. Plenty of video evidence on YouTube to support this. As a U.K. citizen wishing to return to Portugal in July you would not under current restrictions have the same justification. But by July it may be a different situation.

By Graham from Algarve on 18-05-2020 05:05

We own an apartment in Ferragudo. Just completed last month on a new apartment close by. Need to get out by driving through Spain and France of from Bilbao via ferry . my crossing on 12th June was cancelled last week, we hope to get a transfer but after 15thJune but no luck yet so we will have to drive through France also. Are we ok to drive down after 15th June returning late July
Graham Clark

By Graham Clark from UK on 18-05-2020 11:42

You can all hope as much as you like. As long governments are not being transparent, the public won't be kept informed. Governments are proving they have no interest in letting the public know what is going on. It's a disgrace.

By Trev from Other on 16-05-2020 01:10

Everyone's worried about the financial impact of Portugal and the tourist industry of the algarve yes its going to struggle perhaps untill nect year but put things into perspective, the Portuguese took steps to contain covid 19 and save peoples lives from this virus. Having seen first hand in a hospital in the algarve how hard doctor's and nurses are working day and night and putting there lives at risk to help others. To witness there dedication and the government's handling of containing this deadly virus will actually help Portugal to financially recover and the tourists will indeed come back to Portugal so its not just about financial responsibilities but people's lives and let no one put a price on someone's life. Thanks to the Portuguese government and those in the hospitals, police, and all the front line services. Portugal will survive and good times will come again.
I'm in lockdown in the algarve but as a uk resident I thank the Portuguese people and the action the government had to take. Lives before profit.

By Michael lievesley from Algarve on 15-05-2020 08:13

Hi..i,m stuck in UK and need to get back to central Portugal for important personal business and essential house maintenance..ive had 2 ferry bookings cancelled and hoping to get a 3rd, 30th June..whats my chances? Not Good!..Brittany Ferries are in absolute cant phone them, they don't answer emails..this and their online booking system must equal Europe's worst. I was given a voucher number, due to the last cancellation, for rebooking, now ive had another cancellation. Ive tried to rebook using the same voucher number but it won't accept us it says..'Wallies', youv'e told people not to the heck we supposed to rebook. BF has a very serious logistical problem.. why havent BF given paid up customers, like me, a 'personalised voucher number' so i can rebook online to make further amended bookings. They got the same feedback from me, but with their email reply system taking longer than i could have swam and walked to Portugal, i don't hold much hope of getting my end of June booking. Err!!

By John Miles from UK on 15-05-2020 05:02

I have contracted a Spanish company to carry out some installations on my agricultural land. They haven’t started yet. When and how they can come ( materials and workers) to Portugal to carry out the required project? Thanks for your help.

By Ziad barazi from Algarve on 14-05-2020 10:30

I need to return to uk
ASAP and have a ferry booking for 22 June. Can I drive across border to santander? Thank you, regards Susan Renda Obidos 15/05/20

By Susan renda from Lisbon on 14-05-2020 08:55

I have a ferry booked for July 7th - Portsmouth to Santander, driving home to the Algarve where my wife is resident. I am not resident as I’ve been working in the UK.
I’m assuming that when
The Spanish/Portuguese borders are open, there won’t be a problem going home !

By Keith from UK on 14-05-2020 07:18

You can drive through Spain now if you want to repatriate as long as you have a ticket for your ferry etc to show them.

By Taigen from Algarve on 14-05-2020 05:54

I have a ferry booking from Santander on 20th June to UK. If border still closed on production of ferry booking will I be able to drive north to Santander????

By Gavin from Algarve on 14-05-2020 02:23

Can we drive through Spain after that on our way through France to catch a ferry to Cork.?

By Mike Faulkner from Algarve on 14-05-2020 12:21

My fiancé and me lives in Portugal but is right now stuck in Spain because we didn’t replay for residency in time. So very sad news for us.
We’ve been self isolated since March 22nd.
Hope the Portuguese government will consider opening the land borders up for people who owns a property in Portugal.

By Merete Petersen from Other on 14-05-2020 11:55
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