Law proposes fines of up to €500 Euros for failure to use mask and StayAway Covid app

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The government, on 14 October, handed over in parliament the law proposed for making it compulsory to wear a mask on the street and to "use StayAway Covid in a work, school and academic context", under penalty of a fine of up to €500.

The executive has proposed that this law be debated in Parliament on Friday, 23 October, said the government source.

The text, to which Lusa had access, provides for a system of fines of between €100 and €500 for cases of non-compliance with the law.

Article 4 of the law states that "it is mandatory, in the context of work or similar, school and academic context, to use the Stayaway Covid application if you possess equipment that allows it.

And it is determined that this obligation "covers in particular, workers in public functions, civil servants and agents of the Public Administration, including the business sector of the State, regional and local, professionals of the Armed Forces and security forces".

A third provision stipulates that a user with a confirmed case must, "as defined by the Directorate General for Health (DGS)" use the codes in the application.

In the explanatory memorandum, the executive argues that it is "essential to establish" a "sanctioning regime to ensure that the population complies scrupulously with the measures that are essential to contain the infection", as regards to the "obligation to wear a mask and use the mobile application".

"The use of a mask or visor is mandatory for people over 10 years of age for access, when in public spaces and streets whenever the physical distance recommended by the National Health Authority proves impracticable", reads the text of the proposal.

The law lays down three exceptions to this obligation, in the case of "persons with cognitive disabilities, development and psychological disorders", who must have a medical certificate.

There is also an exception for persons with a "medical condition" which "does not conform to the wearing of masks", attested to by a medical declaration.

The requirement to wear a mask or visor is also waived if "it is incompatible with the nature of the activities that persons are performing", without specifying which ones.

According to the text of the proposal, "the National Republican Guard, the Public Security Police, the Maritime Police and the municipal police are responsible for monitoring the law".

The fines are imposed under Decree-Law 28-B/2020 of 26 June, which lays down "the administrative offence system, in the context of calamity, contingency and alert", and provides for fines of €100 to €500.


As predicted the madness continues until there is no turning back. Wake-up.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 18-10-2020 07:30

Government presents a law before the parliament ahead of a vote on it by elected representatives.

Some idiot in the comments section: "this is what happens in dictatorships!"

No pal, in dictatorships there is no vote, they shoot you.

By Ben from Porto on 17-10-2020 03:51

Gotta love the idiots on here that think having to wear a mask in the middle of a pandemic is fascism. Maybe you should lay off the infowars YouTube videos...

By Just another sheep from Lisbon on 17-10-2020 03:47

I'm not sure myself about this app and the particular measure, even after investigation.

But I wonder how many people here complaining about privacy issues have actually looked into the app and tried to falsify their position to be certain it's true.

And how many have the same criteria for privacy with other apps or social media.
If it's China stealing your data or big tech companies it's fine, but if its your own government trying to get a handle on chains of transmission by using technology, you'd believe anything.

And please, keep your conspiracy theories in the US, we don't want them here. We've enough nutjobs as it is.

Next thing we know we'll be living Idiocracy.

By João from Porto on 17-10-2020 03:15

Meanwhile theres no distance restrictions inside most/all public transportation specially in peak times, neither anyone (police, transportation companies personal etc) performing auditions on public transportations.

By Emanuel Oliveira from Lisbon on 17-10-2020 02:52

Hey Rob Reese, given the numbers in the US, you dare speak-up like that??

By JC Audet from Other on 16-10-2020 02:25

"Article 4 of the law states that "it is mandatory, in the context of work or similar, school and academic context, to use the Stayaway Covid application if you possess equipment that allows it." Welcome in 2020 Portugal, ever heard of privacy? Maybe you should ask Brussels first if this law is allowed.

By Barend from Lisbon on 15-10-2020 10:54

This is what happens in a dictatorship! We are too trusting of our political classes, no wonder they treat us like idiots and sheep’s!

By Anna from Madeira on 15-10-2020 09:23

I own a home near Guimaraes. But I've been in the USA since before the covidscam. and now travel is a hassle especially due to the stupidity of some governments and their "officials."

Such as any enforcement of the useless mask.

By rod reese from USA on 15-10-2020 08:37

Go on, let’s amp up the fear some more, shall we ? ! ? ! The population has seen enough of your fascistic fascinations. Stop it before you ruin all of our lives ! Enough is Enough !

By Luis Camoes from Lisbon on 15-10-2020 08:26
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