The official name-changing ceremony was held at the airport on Sunday morning at 11.45am.
The alteration is intended to pay homage to a man who airport management company ANA described as “a notable figure of national political history and of the twentieth century.”
“It aims to honour a notable figure of national political history of the twentieth century, and a figure of Portuguese civil aviation, recognising the unique role of General Humberto Delgado not only in the fight for freedom and democracy during the New State era, but also in the creation of modern commercial aviation in Portugal”, ANA said in a statement.
General Humberto da Silva Delgado is today remembered primarily for the pivotal role he played in unifying the opposing political forces in the 1958 Presidential elections, and the consequent political action in favour of a democratic Portugal, his life was tragically cut short by his murder at the hands of the political police on 13 February, 1965.
Humberto Delgado also played a key role in the development of civil aviation in Portugal, his vision helping to link Portugal to the rest of the world.
“In fact, by attributing the name of Humberto Delgado to the airport, the most important national airport infrastructure, the Portuguese State adds to all the other distinctions conferred to the Man, the Soldier and the Citizen, in giving very deserved recognition for a professional and technical career that translated into a work of unusual relevance, and which by virtue of the unique civic and political nature of its detainer, is little known and disclosed”, ANA elaborated.
Sunday’s ceremony was attended by an array of dignitaries, including President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Prime Minister António Costa and Lisbon Mayor Fernando Medina.
After the old signage was symbolically taken down outside the airport, the committee of guests was shown around an exhibition dedicated to the occasion and to the life of General Humberto Delgado, which will remain on show until the end of this month.