Lisbon and Porto among the best cities for dog owners

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A report, published by ScanMovers, researched the 100 best cities in the world to live in as a dog owner, looking at numerous categories of data and thus leaving nothing to subjectivity. Lisbon and Porto have both made the ranking, with Lisbon on 18th place and Porto and 27th.

Indicators that were looked into, to create the most comprehensive report on the most dog-friendly cities so far, include number of pet dogs, dog parks by area, dog-friendly restaurants, doggie daycares, leash obligations, rainy vs. sunny days and the number veterinarians of each city.

The top ten best cities in the world for dog owners to live in, are crowned by Miami (United States), followed by Milan (Italy), Las Vegas (United States, Tucson (United States), Bratislava (Slovakia), San Diego (United States), Venice (Italy), Minneapolis (United States), Austin (United States) and Cape Town (South Africa).


Are you kidding me!?!? Puerto Vallarta ( Riviera Nayarit) wins HANDS DOWN!!!!!

By Linda Laing IshopnMail from Other on 10-11-2019 11:10

It is good to know that Lisbon and Porto come not too far from the top of the list. Surprisingly, in my first but certainly not last visit to both cities, it was a bit shocking not to see many dogs around even though it was summertime and the weather was delightful, just some drizzle in Porto.
I am planning a longer visit to these two cities where I lost my heart, and I am thinking of taking my beloved golden retriever with me. I know that it is possible to find accommodation where pets are allowed. I have also read that dogs are allowed on public transport such as the train and metro as long as they travel with a leash, muzzle, they behave properly and the owner pays the cost of the ticket. It would be great if this was true as in Spain it is not and I cannot travel on public transport with my dog anywhere.
Just looking forward to getting lost in the welcoming and enchanting Portugal one more time, and if it could be with my dog, even better!

By Deyanira Dorta from Other on 10-11-2019 08:46

It's wonderful to see San Diego on the list of the best cities for dog owners and therefore dogs. I could have predicted that!
My dog Bo Sox and I spent a lot of time at Dog Beach and many other dog friendly places.
She was a great water dog and great surfer and hockey goalie!
Interesting article. Thanks.

By Marc Moniz from USA on 09-11-2019 04:33
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