However, street culture is to return to the city of Lisbon this month, with initiatives planned taking into account social distancing rules.
“Even before we return to the gardens and squares of Lisbon, we are preparing to return to the city this June, within a new normality”, said Equipment Management and Cultural Animation Company (EGEAC), indicating that the Lisbon cultural programme is available on the website -
Among the main programmed initiatives are the Festival à Janela, with an itinerant audiovisual show, the game “Catch this sardine” and cinema screenings projected on to the street.
In partnership with the OCUBO studio, EGEAC invites those in Lisbon to watch, from 8 to 11 June, the Festival à Janela, an itinerant audiovisual show that intends to fill the evenings in various locations in the city, with “a surprise multimedia projection”. In addition to being able to see the show from the window, the public will be able to participate, “with videos shot at home”.
Marking the month of the Lisbon Festivities, which this year were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the municipal cultural animation company will also be staging “sardine hunts”.
“On weekends, we will distribute them to various locations in the city to be ‘fished’. In this treasure hunt, the clues to find the sardines will be given on Facebook and Instagram of the Festas de Lisboa, every Friday”, said EGEAC, challenging participants to photograph and share the result of this “sardine hunt” online.
For five nights, from 15 to 19 June, in five neighbourhoods in Lisbon, there will be “cinema on the street, more precisely in Estendal”, a project developed with the association O Nosso Bairro, through the exhibition of a Portuguese film, that the public can watch “next to the window or on the balcony”, indicated the municipal company.
“We started by showing Lisbon through the eyes of five renowned illustrators who we challenged to share their vision of the city with us right now, from their windows”, said EGEAC, explaining that these are small animations made by Leonor Brilha, Ana Gil, Mantraste, António Jorge Gonçalves and Teresa Cortez, which will be presented, throughout the month, on the Facebook page - Cultura na Rua.
Although the Lisboa Mistura Festival has been cancelled this year, EGEAC intends to maintain, from June until August, the creative work that is developed through OPA - Oficina Móvel de Artes, a pedagogical and intercultural project to support the new ‘hip hop’ talents of Greater Lisbon, of the Associação Sons da Lusofonia.
Now the initiative will be “a fully digital edition”, through an invitation to participate, in “online sessions”.
In the area of literature, every Sunday in June will be dedicated to online reading sessions, within the scope of the Ecotemporaneous project in partnership with BOCA.